Paint Correction & How It Works

What You Need to Know

Performing paint correction leaves the paint incredibly glossy and also restores depth and clarity. Your vehicle's paint takes a beating on a regular basis that only multi-step compounding/polishing can fix. 

Some things that cause this damage are:

•Improper washing techniques

•Etching from bird droppings/chemicals

•Road tar/grime or industrial fallout

•Brushing up against the vehicle with fingers, keys, clothing

•Improper paint polishing techniques

In order to remove the defects in the paint, we must carefully level out the clear coat, but that's not where paint correction starts. Before any compounding or polishing can be done, the paint must be carefully prepped by removing any surface-bonded contaminants (such as road tar, road grime, bug guts, etc.) and taping off any sensitive areas like trim and plastics.

Because each vehicle's paint is different and receptive to different products and technique, we must adapt in order to utilize the optimal combination and produce the highest results for your vehicle.

Lastly, because this must be done carefully, paint correction can take anywhere between 5-30 hours to complete. However, due to this fact, we show that Cold Glacier Detail cares about our customer’s vehicles, and we cater to all your needs when it comes to producing the absolute best results we can to make sure you drive away more than satisfied with our results.

The entire process is very meticulous and the results are incredibly amazing!