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Ceramic Coating & What You Need to Know

Opti-Coat, The Best in Professional Grade Ceramic Coating

With the growing market of ceramic coatings, it’s hard to decide which product to use, let alone whether or not you want to install it yourself, or if you want to hire a non-certified company to install it for you.
Hands down, professional grade ceramic coatings are the very best in the industry. However, they also require a substantial amount of skill to install, and can only be purchased and installed by authorized vendors.
Here at Cold Glacier Detail, we offer one of the very best ceramic coatings on the market. We are the only authorized installer for Opt-Coat Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings in Alaska.
Unlike most other professional grade ceramic coatings, Opti-Coat is a “one and done” coating; without the need to reapply. Opti-Coat can only be mechanically removed with compounding and sanding. Chemicals cannot remove the coating, which speaks worlds about the quality of this product’s durability.
Your vehicle is an investment, and like with all investments, you want the best protection available. Opti-Coat offers superior long lasting protection, as well as incredible gloss and shine. Once purchased with our warranty package, paperwork is processed to have your vehicle’s vin show up on CARFAX, indicating the Opti-Coat’s ceramic coating under warranty! This adds value to your investment, which can in turn put money back into your pocket if you choose to sell your vehicle after the coating has been installed.
Whether you want to protect your Sunday Driver, or if you just want the best protection and gloss for your everyday driver, Cold Glacier Detail is ready to serve you with the industry leader in professional grade ceramic coatings! All ceramic coatings include the highest paint correction package, as well as our highest full interior and exterior detail packages.